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A Closer Look at the Telecommunications Project:


Angle of the Sun

Targeted Ages:


Summary of Project:

Students utilize the online tool provided on the project website to calculate the angle of the sun above the horizon.  They share their findings and use them to graph them along with the findings of other students from around the world.  This then allows students to look for patterns in the data.  They can then analyze their statistics to form a conclusion.  The site includes several questions for the students to think about as they form these conclusions.  

It is encouraged to use this project in conjunction with other schools who agree to take their measurements on the same day and time.  This will help you isolate the independent variable and ensure more meaningful results.  The schools that you collaborate with should also be from various latitudes and longitudes around the world.  This will also help give students a more complete picture of the movement of the earth. 

Project Objectives:

The students will:

How well does this meet Howard County Public School Objectives:

Motivating and authentic way to teach the scientific process.   This is a great extension for current fourth grade lesson on shadows. This can also be utilized in the fifth grade; however, this project requires you to coordinate with other schools the date and time.   This project focused on the fact that the sun is not necessarily ever directly over us.  I would use it to reinforce the movement of the sun around the earth and how this, along with the earth's tilt cause our seasons. 

The biggest downfall to this project is that it does not require any registration or keep a data base of participating schools.  This makes it the teachers job to find other schools from around the world to participate with.  This would be very labor intensive for the teacher to locate enough schools from around the world to make the data conclusive.


The project end date is 12/31/05 and could be completed in 1 hour every week for a year.

Technical Requirements:

Project Website:


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