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A Closer Look at the Telecommunications Project:


The Day I Was Born

Targeted Ages:


Summary of Project:

Students use a variety of sources to research what was happening in the world on the day they were born.  This is an integrated project that involves math, science, music, and language arts.  This project will allow students to contribute to a database of important events that occurred on their birthday.  This information will then be added to an online history book.   In addition, a list of participating schools is provided on the project website.  It is strongly encouraged to look at this list and try to collaborate with other participating schools in order to add another dimension to the project.  Some of the information they will be researching includes:

1. How many days they've lived.
2. What the moon looked like the night of their birth.
3. Which Literary figures share their birthdays.
4. The cost of various items
5. Popular music & musicians
6 The New York Times headlines
7. The History Channel info
8. Popular T.V. programs
9. Toys popular at that time
10. Hit movies
11. The meaning of their name
12. Their name in Viking Runes (alphabet)

Project Objectives:

How well does this meet Howard County Public School Objectives:

This is an effective and highly motivating way to teach students to utilize both search engines as well as a variety of other sources.  During Language Arts, you can have students make a Writing to Inform paper or book as a culminating activity.  In addition, this ties in wonderfully with our researching objectives.  This would be a great project that would especially lend itself to our Media objectives.


The project end date is 12/31/05 and should last between 2 to 3 weeks if completed during a 1 hour media class once a week. 

Technical Requirements:

Project Website:

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