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A Closer Look at the Telecommunications Project:


Drink It Up?

Targeted Ages:


Summary of Project:

This project focuses on analyzing the local water.  In order to fully participate in this project, classes should complete the following 2 steps.  However, while it is recommended, it is not necessary to complete all parts of the project to participate.

Classes researches and submits information on:

Classes also submit a group web pages about their project (focusing on the watershed and water-testing).  This is how they will share their results with other classes who have participated in the project.  The project website includes several lessons which would serve as great extensions and many of the activities actually overlap with ones we already complete for our country lessons.  These lessons are fully laid out and most are easily able to be implemented into a classroom.

Project Objectives:

How well does this meet Howard County Public School Objectives:

This brings more authenticity to the learning experience of our students.  It gives students a real world example of what they are studying.  This project integrates science, technology, researching, even our civics unit.  This is a great addition to our curriculum but the lessons are not in depth enough to replace our current curriculum. 


The project end date is 6/1/07 and should last between 4 to 6 weeks if done in isolation. 

Technical Requirements:

Project Website:



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