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A Closer Look at the Telecommunications Project:

"Where you are not Alone"

Targeted Ages:


Summary of Project:

This site was designed to help people deal with bullying effectively and positively  with a positive, moderated and supportive international community.  People can share their personal stories, poems, music, drawings, voices (audio files), as well as animations and films.

This was started after a student was killed by someone who was bullied.  A parent then formed this project with its' goal being to help people realize they are not alone.  The "Helpful Resources page" lets you add to it resources you have.  This project is credited with launching the 1st National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week in Canada.

In addition, this project offers 4 90 minutes multimedia presentations.  There are also 2 moderated, online support groups: one for adults and one for youths.

Project Objectives:

How well does this meet Howard County Public School Objectives:

Bullying is a problem in nearly every school.  So while this is not a stated objected in our curriculum, it does meet some of our health and social studies objectives by encouraging character education and promoting the common good.  This project affords teachers a chance to constantly  update your repertoire and to brainstorm with other professionals via the "Peer Power" and "Community Solutions" networks.

This also provides students with an anonymous forum to discuss these issues which may be embarrassing.  In addition it will help them see that they are not alone and will hopefully inspire them to stand up for themselves.


The project end date is 12/31/06.  I think this would be a year long and ongoing project that would be taught as needed.

Technical Requirements:

Project Website:


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