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Telecommunication Project Comparison

By: Kim Pearre

July 30, 2005


Project Short Summary Better than traditional means? Duration Technical Requirements "Where you are not alone!"


This site was designed to help people deal with bullying effectively and positively  with a positive, moderated and supportive international community.  People can share their personal stories, poems, music, drawings, voices (audio files), as well as animations and films. Yes! Yes! Yes! end date is 12/31/06

1 year

Internet access;


Drink it Up?


This project focuses on analyzing the local water.   The students use the focus on their local watershed to learn about the water cycle and how they affect their own drinking water. 

Great as an extension but not as a substitute for current lesson


end date is 6/1/07

4 to 6 weeks


Internet access

email (for teacher)

web authoring


The Day I was Born


Students use a variety of sources to research what was happening in the world on the day they were born.


For Media class, Yes-  Excellent integration of research objectives and would be great during Media class; however, the lack of specific content objectives would make it hard to justify spending a large amount of time on this project 12/31/05 is end date

2 to 3 weeks

Internet access

e-mail (for teacher)

Angle of the Sun


Student calculate the angle of the sun above the horizon.  They share their findings and use them to graph them along with the findings of other students from around the world.  They can then analyze their statistics to form a conclusion. Yes, however this would be very labor intensive for the teacher to locate enough schools from around the world to make the data conclusive.


12/31/05 is end date

1 year

Internet access

e-mail (for teacher)



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