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Writing a Persuasive Letter


Step 1.  Begin by collecting your thoughts.  Use the organizer to help you. 

    Hint:  Remember to follow the BEP formula to being your letter and the RAT formula to conclude your letter.    

Click here for organizer


Step 2.  Write your rough draft using your organizer as a guide.


Step 3.  Self edit, then peer edit your rough draft using the peer editing sheet.

Click here for editing sheet


Step 4.  Re-write your rough draft. (Create 2nd draft)


Step 5.  Peer edit the 2nd draft using the editing/grade sheet.  Be sure to edit for content first and then for CUPS.

 Click here for editing/grade sheet

Step 6.  Write final draft and submit to teacher.

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Last Updated: August 4, 2005