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Lesson Plan:

Unsure about Uniforms

Research & Persuasive Writing
Designed by Kim Pearre

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This lesson is designed for 5th graders who have already been taught how to write a persuasive letter.  This will take approximately 4 to 8 class periods.  The focus on this lesson will be writing and researching.  The students will be expected to analyze their sources to determine their level of credibility.   

Reasoning for chosen sites:

I chose these sites because they offer a variety of standpoints but they are all credible sources.  Each site meets the criteria the students will be using when using the Quality Information Checklist.  If the students were older, I would have added a few non-credible sources.  However, I did not want to risk having students rely on non-quality information given our time constraints and their ability levels. 


Curriculum Standards

Language Arts Standards Addressed

  • The students will be able to compose oral, written, and visual presentations that persuade by selecting and organizing relevant information, establishing an argumentative purpose, and designing an appropriate strategy for an identified audience, specifically:

Generate sufficient arguments (persuasive points), including factual information and observations, to adequately develop the topic or message.

Organize a composition that establishes a position, supports the position with organized and relevant reasons and evidence, includes a conclusion that restates the position and/or may ask the audience to take action, and maintains a consistent focus.

Write a friendly persuasive letter, or other appropriate form, that addresses the knowledge and interests of the recipient.

Use content-related vocabulary and language to clarify the message for the intended audience.

The students will develop content by applying the appropriate steps of the writing process and recognizing its recursive nature.

  • The students will develop content by applying the appropriate steps of the writing process and recognizing its recursive nature.

  • The students will control language by applying the conventions of standard English in speaking and writing.

Technology Standards Addressed (NETS)

  • Students will use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
  • Students will use technology resources for solving problems and making informed decisions.

  • Computers with Internet Access (at least one per student pair)
  • Student copies of "Persuasive Writing Organizer"
  • Student copies of "Peer Editing Sheet"
  • Student copies of "Editing and Grade Sheet"


Show students the homepage
As a class, read over the scenario.  Discuss with students their own preconceptions prior to researching.


Day 1

1. Go over steps for completion of this project.

2. Have students brainstorm what a "good" website may have and what they should be wary of.

3.  Show students what determines if a website has "Quality Information" by visiting: with them. 

4.  Go over how to complete the notes page.  Be sure to remind students to print their work before closing the window.

5.  Allow time for students to research 3 websites and take notes on them.

Day 2

1.  Review student findings.

2.  Have students decide which side of the issue they agree with.

3.  Group students with other students who share their view point and allow time for them to discuss what they think are the strongest reasons that support their view.

4.  Go over persuasive writing organizer.  Be sure to remind students of BEP and RAT.

5.  Allow time for students to complete organizer.

HW-  Finish organizer.

Day 3

1.  Allow students time to work on their rough draft. 

2.  While they are working, circulate around to ensure their organizers are on the right track.

3.  As students begin finishing their rough draft, stop the class and go over the peer editing sheet.

4.  Have students peer edit each others' rough draft for content only.  Consider having teacher edit also.

HW-Finish rough draft

Day 4

1.  Have students finish peer editing rough drafts.

2.  Remind students of key vocabulary they should use to enhance their writing.

3.  Have students work on their 2nd draft.

4.  As students finish, go over the editing/grade sheet.

5.  Have students edit each others' second draft.

HW- Finish second draft.

Day 5

1.  Have students finish editing the second drafts for content and CUPS. 

2.  Remind students of the format for a business letter.

3.  Allow time for students to complete their final drafts.



Allow students to utilize their notes and letters to compete in a mini classroom debate.  Remind students that they must be able to site their sources and fully back up any bold statements that they make.


  • Observe participation during discussions and during peer editing

  • Assess notes on various websites

  • Evaluate the final letter using the Persuasive Writing Gradesheet

Based on a template from The WebQuest Page

This page was created by Kim Pearre
Last Updated: August 4, 2005