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Take a look at what your classmates are wearing.  Think about what they would
look like if they were all wearing the same thing.  How would this affect you? 


The school board is looking into mandating school uniforms.  This will require all students to wear the uniform that the county has chosen.  However, before they pass this mandate, they have decided to listen to the opinions of those who will most effected by this new policy- the students! 


So, you have been asked to share your opinions about school uniforms with the school board.  Before you submit your opinion, you must conduct some research on school uniforms.  To aide you in your research, some websites have been listed for you on the Research & Analysis page.   Remember the school board wants to hear your educated opinion, here are some steps you should follow:

1.  Research at least 3 websites.  Be sure to evaluate their credibility using the checklist provided.

2.  Decide which standpoint you support based on your findings.

3.  Write a persuasive letter to the School Board outlining your opinion.


This page was created by Kim Pearre
Last Updated: August 4, 2005